Enjoy the Health Benefits of Cajun Seafood with Cypress King Crawfish & Noodle House
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King Crawfish and Noodle House welcomes you to enjoy the wholesome goodness of our memorably delicious Cajun fare. At our humble establishment, we go above and beyond to serve as one of the most beloved Cajun seafood restaurants in Cypress. We take pride in serving Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine as well.

An introduction to Cajun cuisine

For those of our customers who are not familiar with Cajun cuisine, it is the staple cuisine of the bayou settlements of the 19th century that is known today as New Orleans. Along with its cousin, Creole cuisine, Cajun dishes are the brainchild of the displaced French people. They came up with the recipes when they had to acclimate to the crops of the soil that lay beside the bayou.

The bayou stretches across Southern Louisiana as well. The Cajun settlements that flourished in the swampland also settled the roots for the cuisine in these parts.

What makes Cajun cuisine stand out?

Cajun rice dishes and their shrimp and crab-meat preparations are popular not just in the Southern States but across the US of A. The typical Cajun meals comprise of a rice base, possibly with sliced sausages and vegetables on the side or mingling with the rice; the spicy and flavorful seafood fare drives home the palate.

Cajun food and seafood is therefore widely popular for its health benefits. The vegetables, meat and seasoned rice are a valid source for carbohydrates, fiber and nutrients. The seafood is also another source for protein and is good for the heart; which is why the Cajun people showed limited proclivity towards heart problems. We highly recommend Cajun food and seafood is for the health-conscious gastronomes of Cypress.

Why should you try King Crawfish Cajun menu?

At, King Crawfish and Noodle House we serve the spicy, flavorful, nutritious Cajun food. All our dishes are served with a bed of white rice. Also, how can you enjoy a Cajun boils menu without some crawfish?! Customers can enjoy the goodness of delicious shell-fish meat when they order our Boiled Snow Crab Legs. We also serve sides such as Cajun Sausage and Red Potatoes.

As one of the most popular Cajun restaurants in Texas, we also serve combo meals for our esteemed customers. You can expect a platter full of Cajun seafood goodness, in the form of crawfish, shrimp, snow crab leg, corns, sausage and much more!

So, look no further. If you want a taste of the delicacies of the bayou, then come down to visit our humble establishment for a Cajun dining experience.