Popular Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try In an Asian Restaurant
Vietnamese Dish

When it comes to Vietnamese food, pho and Banh Mi are the two famous dishes that will cross your mind. Pho is actually a delicious noodle soup and Banh Mi is a flavorful oblong sandwich stuffed with liver paste, pickled carrots and char-grilled pork which makes it an ideal snack for all.

There are various places to eat in Texas but visit a well-known Vietnamese restaurant this time, and try some special noodle soups, beef stew, rice cakes and delicious fish preparations. You are sure to find these items only at exclusive Vietnamese restaurants around the country.

Hence, we bring to you a list of dishes that you can try at different Vietnamese eateries:

1. Cha ca :

This is a famous Vietnamese dish which is prepared from grilled white fish chunks. The fish chunks are marinated in turmeric and galangal which is an aromatic root herb that is quite similar to ginger. This dish is served with rice vermicelli, fresh dill, crispy puffed rice paper, and peanuts. Furthermore, you can garnish the dish by drizzling some pineapple sauce and mam tom which is a fermented shrimp paste to enhance the overall flavors.

2. Bo kho :

This item can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This special Vietnamese dish is made with beef shanks and tendons which are stewed in lemongrass and spice infused broth. It is served with a loaf of plain Banh Mi bread. This item is also available as noodle soup and one can even serve it with chewy rice noodles or thin egg noodles too.

3. Banhbeochen :

These are delicious steamed glutinous rice cakes which are served in tiny saucers. They are especially eaten for lunch or dinner receptions. This dish is mainly topped with crispy pork fat and pork skin, fried shallot and minced shrimp. Then, the rice cakes are usually served in a tray of nine to twelve tiny saucers with a small bowl of mild sweet and savory mixed fish sauce.

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