4 Reasons to Try the Menu at King Crawfish Chinese Buffet in Texas

It can be monotonous to order from the same takeout menu time and again. You cannot expect to satisfy your appetite daily with the same type of cuisine. So, if you want to try something different every time, then King Crawfish and Noodle House should be your ideal choice.

Reasons to dine at King Crawfish & Noodle House:

At King Crawfish & Noodle House we take pride in being among the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in Cypress. Few restaurants continuously try to improve their services over time as we do for our customers. To help us rank among the restaurants that offer customers a lavish dining experience, we have:

1. Newly added Chinese menu

King Crawfish & Noodle House has introduced a new Chinese cuisine menu. In order to be the one-stop, multi-cuisine favourite among the residents of Cypress, we have added Lo Mein dishes, fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, General Tso chicken, etc. All our rice and Mein dishes are available in chicken, shrimp, beef or pork variants! So, if you are searching for a reasonably priced, quality Chinese buffet in Texas, then do not forget to give us a try.

2. Quality Cajun Cuisine

Customers who dismiss King Crawfish & Noodle House as just another Vietnamese restaurant are missing out on our quality multi-cuisine menu! We also serve some of the most palatable Cajun dishes available on this side of Texas. Customers should look forward to a serving of our Cajun boiled shrimp or snow crab legs. We also offer combo orders in Cajun dishes.

3. Vietnamese Cuisine Specialists

King Crawfish & Noodle House is known to serve a generously-proportioned, unforgettable Vietnamese fare. As a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Cypress, we serve some of the best pho, grilled pork vermicelli and beef tenders locally available. So, customers do not have to search high and low to avail premium quality Vietnamese cuisine in Cypress, at a reasonable price.

4. Consistent, quality food

At King Crawfish, we strive to be consistent about the quality of all our dishes. Be it our appetisers or our main dishes; customers can expect the authentic flavor in everything that is served by our kitchen. King Crawfish’s experienced kitchen-staff use the flavorings and seasonings that help us capture the authentic taste of the dishes we serve.

There are few other Vietnamese of Chinese buffets in Texas who offer a mouthwatering menu to diners and take-out/home delivery customers alike.