Gorge on a Steaming Platter of Shrimp and Crawfish Etouffee at King Crawfish
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Typically served with shellfish over rice, etouffee continues to be one of the cherished Cajun dishes today. At King Crawfish, a steaming plate of shrimp and crawfish etouffee has been a local favorite. So if you are looking for affordable places to eat in Texas, look no further. Our restaurant brings you a scintillating spread of etouffee, each dish palate-pinching and exceedingly affordable.

The Traditional Etouffee

According to experts, it is the type of seasonings which decide whether the etouffee is Cajun or Creole. Consider, for instance, the traditional Creole etouffee which is primarily made with brown roux. More often than not, the dish includes tomatoes, although it may vary from one outlet to another.

The choice of roux plays a significant role in developing the taste of the dish. For instance, in the case of a blond roux, the raw flavor of the flour is tenderly extracted while increasing the extent of nuttiness. The brown roux, on the other hand, is used for deepening the color of the dish.

A Brief History of Etouffee

While opinions remain divided, experts believe that the origin of etouffee may be traced to the 50s in Louisiana. However, another school has pegged its inception somewhere in the middle of the 1920s. Generally, the fad for etouffee was confined to Cajuns in the backwaters of Louisiana. However, within a decade or so, the dish spread across the country like wildfire.

Today, customers wishing to order Chinese food online invariably turn to etouffee in order to experience the curious meld of Chinese and Cajun. At King Crawfish, for instance, customers have come back time and again to relive the multisensory delight of feasting on a plate of shrimp etouffee. It continues to be one of our highlights round the clock and round the year.

The Fad for Local Food

The demand for local food continues to thrive by leaps and bounds. According to the latest market analysis, local food sales in the United States shot up by $7 billion in the course of six odd years, from 2008 to 2014. Come 2021, the sales are expected to touch the $20 billion mark.

At King Crawfish, our aim is to cater to the ever-evolving customer preferences. With more and more gourmands leaning on Cajun cuisine, our chefs strive round the clock to come up with inventive delicacies, keeping in mind the subjective priorities of our esteemed customers.