King Crawfish’s Calamari Basket is Evocative of the Broader Trends in the Market
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Today, calamari is arguably one of the favorite foods of America. The same may be attributed to the fad for seafood at large. Indeed, those looking up Chinese restaurant near me are more inclined to lean on Chinese seafood delicacies than otherwise. At King Crawfish Noodle, our calamari basket continues to be one of the preferred items of customers. And the trend is expected to continue.

The Dramatic Rise of Calamari

The advent of edible squids into the market may be traced to the 70s when fisheries in and around Rhode Island and Long Island were tightly regulated. In consequence, wild squids were more than abundant. The then government had, thereafter, come up with a host of economic development programs which encouraged chefs to buy squids as an alternative to scantier seafood items.

Consequently, within a span of five years, squids found mention across the leading dailies of America. Their inexpensive and protein-packed nature opened newer avenues in the industry. What is more, the distribution of federal memos encouraging operators to consider squids as standard seafood furthered the industrial prospects phenomenally. And the fad continues.

Experimenting with Calamari

At King Crawfish, our chefs have forever been innovators. Speaking of calamari, few seafood dishes offer such scope of experimentation. While fried calamari continues to be one of the preferred choices of American customers, there have been a slew of inventive variations.

Of late, the fad for fried calamari has been somewhat attenuated with chefs preferring to preserve the original freshness of the squids. Apart from that, King Crawfish has been playing a significant role in introducing customers to the diversity inherent within the calamari basket.

The Future Scope of Calamari

No Cajun restaurant in Texas would deny that few food trends survive the test of time. However, in the case of calamari, the fad is expected to continue well into the future. It is a million-dollar market with California, for instance, being the fifth-largest fishery in the country in terms of weight.

There are various reasons for the positive prospects of squids. First and foremost, it is highly sustainable. Next, it is packed with proteins, which makes it all the more endearing to health-conscious customers. Perhaps most importantly, our fried calamari basket comes at a mere $10.95. It is one of the most affordable delicacies in the market today.