It is Official: Chinese Food is indeed a Christmas Tradition
Chinese buffet Texas

What has the Chinese got to do with Christmas? That is the likeliest reaction from two in every five Americans. However, if you care to skim through our Chinese buffet in Texas during Christmas, you might rest your doubts. Moreover, it is a global village. Each culture is meant to complement the other. Besides, where else to enjoy the blend than at King Crawfish Noodle?

A Long Tradition

According to our culinary experts, the phenomenon is by no means born abruptly out air. It has its roots in religious and immigration patterns. At the beginning of the last century, the Chinese were the biggest non-Christian group of people in the United States.

Therefore, while a majority of small-time shops and eateries stay closed during Christmas, various Chinese outlets conduct business as usual. It is interesting to note that a majority of customers to our restaurant during the festive season is Jewish.

Our Christmas Delights

Christmas is incomplete with desserts. Keeping that in mind, our restaurant hosts a fascinating range of desserts to complement the spirit of Christmas.

From green tea ice cream to fried-and-Xigo cheesecake, our desserts have been whipped up by the finest hands of the trade. Against the backdrop of jingling bells, nothing could beat a bowl of Xigo cheesecake after a plate of steaming Kung Pao Triple Delight, one of our Chef Specials.

Our restaurant menu has been prepared keeping in mind the diverse range of customers. For instance, we have a special Kids’ Menu which comprises of chicken nuggets, chicken wings and fish nuggets. Counted among the finest seafood restaurants in Cypress, our Christmas seafood delights cover such delicacies as Kung Pao shrimp, mango shrimp and jumbo shrimp lo mien.


Christmas is the time to explore the latest culinary delights. Health strictures adhered to through the year round, claim to be broken before a platter of steaming Chinese delicacy. And with such restaurants as King Crawfish Noodle at the helm, you can only imagine the sheer extent of culinary thrills at the best possible rates.