A Chef at King Crawfish Noodle House shares Interesting Facts about Chinese Cuisine
Chinese buffet in Texas

Chinese cuisine is not only fascinating for its aroma and flavor. Its immense historical significance continues to be of genuine interest among scholars and customers alike. At King Crawfish Noodle House, we pay particular attention to apprise our esteemed customers of the richness of Chinese cuisine. It is not wholly unfounded to say that food tastes all the better against the backdrop of history.

1. Chinese Cuisine is a Bastion of Change

Over time, Chinese cuisine has undergone a plethora of changes. What strikes as familiar today had to be ushered aeon ago.

For instance, chopsticks, the most familiar sight at a Chinese outlet, came into existence for use in cooking rather than eating! The latter began to assume significance in the latter period of the influential Han dynasty. However, its current widespread use owes it to Ming dynasty.

Again, if you visit a Chinese buffet in Texas, you would think twice before believing that the buffet tradition is not Chinese.

2. Integration of the Nomadic

Not surprisingly, Chinese cuisine has been influenced by various nomadic influences. For instance, if not for the nomads, the Chinese would never have been introduced to mutton. Also, the inclusion of specific dairy products is a direct result of these foreign integrations.

The inclusion of dairy products stands out since the Chinese are considered to be lactose-intolerant.

3. China Owes Sugar to India

Back then, there were few items more prized than sugar. The cultivation of sugarcane in China is believed to have originated under the Tang dynasty which lasted until 907.

Even then, it was because of the advent of an Indian envoy into China that made sugar possible in the country. The envoy had apparently brought with him a pack of expert sugar-makers from the subcontinent.

4. Chinese Restaurants never existed

If you are looking for places to eat in Texas, this might come as a shock.

Whence did Chinese restaurants come into being? It was not until the advent of the popular Song dynasty that restaurants become known across some of the leading cities. According to noted historians, some restaurants used to allow customers to pick items off the menu. Such a gesture would be considered highly radical in those times.

Chinese cuisine is particularly fascinating for its historical heritage. It is a rich amalgam of influences, both foreign and domestic. The next time you visit King Crawfish Noodle House, expect to relish the food all the more.