King Crawfish & Noodle House is the Place for a Light Snack with Friends
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In the United States, normally we consider burger and fries or the odd taco to qualify as a light snack when we are out with friends. Considering how much that stereotype holds true, would you not prefer a palate cleanser? Would you not prefer a change of taste when you are out sharing a snack with friends over a hearty conversation? If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’, then we have just the thing for you and your company at King Crawfish & Noodle House. We are one of the few Cajun restaurants in Texas that also specializes in gourmet-grade appetizers in various cuisine.

Here are some of the exotic you can enjoy by visiting our physical address or from our online menu:

i. Salt & pepper soft-shell crabs

Soft-shell crabs are a Cajun delicacy. We deep fry these crabs so that our patrons can taste the spices, seasoning and crunchiness with every bite, only to have the soft insides of the crab melt in their mouth! The salt and pepper strike a zesty contrast and help add some flavor to this mouthwatering Cajun seafood specialty. We use fresh crabs to ensure you have healthy seafood in every bite.

ii. Cajun fried shrimp with or without heads

Our Cajun fried shrimp are another specialty which is a hit with crowds from eighteen to eighty! These shrimp are made in batter of eggs and milk that add to their nutritious creaminess. We usually season this delicacy with cayenne pepper for spicy hotness. For that extra flavored, fried taste we use vegetable oils. Of course the shrimps are deveined, but you can take the call on whether you’d prefer with or without heads!

iii. Pot stickers

Pot Stickers are another name for dumplings. Dumplings need no introduction as they are commonly served as appetizers at most Chinese restaurants. However, we ensure that no matter how minimalist they are, our dumplings deliver a crunchy, spicy mouthful of minced meats, vegetables and seafood. You can order a plate of Pot Stickers from us anytime, regardless of whether you are planning to dine at our physical address or looking to order Chinese food online.

iv. Spicy edamame

Spicy edamame is an absolute must-try for our patrons who love the burning sensation from a quality snack. We coat our fresh edamames in garlic and chili paste and serve them hot. If you want to test your friend’s resilience to hot spices, just challenge them over a platter of our spicy edamame. It will make for some interesting stories for reflection later.

v. Steamed hargau

Steamed hargau is another dumpling delicacy on our menu that us recommended for all. These shrimp dumplings are steamed to perfection for that tender mouth-feel. The minced shrimp and vegetables inside melt in your mouth, offering a taste that is nothing short of pure ecstasy. The dumplings are seasoned with chopped bamboo shoots and green onion for that perfect, authentic Chinese flavor. If you are wondering what that after-taste is, then you should know that it is Chinese rice wine

So, what are you waiting for? We expect to serve you and your friends soon!