Dishes You Should Order while Eating Out at a Chinese Restaurant in Texas
Chinese Buffet

Noodle is a staple in Chinese cuisine. While ordering in or eating out, people often choose noodles or rice as main course. There is so much more to Chinese food than just noodles and knowing about them will help you order a wholesome meal the next time. If you are searching for a Chinese restaurant near me and our name comes up, we would be happy to provide the food and an impromptu lesson on dishes you can try.

Dishes You Should Try

More often than not, we find people who have been trying our noodles and rice dishes. Yes, those items are phenomenal, but we have a number of other options you can choose from. We would like to point out a few of them:

1. Delightful Chinese Greens

If you are vegetarian or want to add some vegetables to your order, we have a number of options. Starting from steamed to pan fired, we offer a number of choices. When you are ordering, choosing the sautéed green platter will be good for your health.

2. The Perfect Combination of Veggies and Seafood

If you are interested in trying the delicious combination of both veg and non-veg ingredients, then our sautéed seafood platter with broccoli or snow peas will be perfect. In this dish, you get scallop, calamari, fish filet and shrimp. These items are pan-fried with either broccoli or snow peas (according to your choice).

3. The Kung Pau Delight to Enjoy

In our time in the Texan food map, we have found that Kung Pau chicken is one of the most popular Chinese dishes. We also have the Kung Pau version of beef and shrimp. Now, if you are interested in trying our chef’s specialties, we will be delighted to introduce the Kung Pau triple delight. In this platter you get pan-fried jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef together with peanuts in Kung Pau sauce.

Apart from the above-mentioned dishes, as a noodle restaurant in Texas, we also offer a range of noodle options. We offer both rice and egg noodle variants for you to try.

At King Crawfish, we always look forward to providing you with the best quality food without costing too much. Hence, our special dishes are also designed to be pocket-friendly.