King Crawfish is a Popular Seafood Destination of Cypress Due to These 4 Reasons
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Cypress, Texas has an ongoing romance with quality seafood, a love story like no other. Here, people appreciate quality, gourmet food and patronize establishments that serve them and, this is one of the pivotal reasons why at King Crawfish we have managed to become one of the premier the best noodle restaurant in Texas that also serves Cajun seafood! At our establishment, diners can find seafood in every step of the way, no matter if they are in search of a light snack or a wholesome meal. There is seafood in our appetizers menu, in our mains and sides menu, and of course our fried seafood menu!

If you are wondering what kind of seafood dishes you can order when you visit us then read on:

i. Appetizers

Our appetizers menu is sufficient to set the tone for the culinary delights you can expect. One can begin with our fried calamari and raw oysters, for starters. Let our special seasoning take your mind back to the vibrant streets of Orleans, as you take a bite into the fresh oysters; or, the calamari, which is as crunchy on the outside, as soft and succulent on the inside. You can also try our steamed oysters which can we cook as per your preferences- light, medium or well-done.

ii. Mains

Customers can expect to be spoilt for a choice, as they take a look at our expansive menu for the mains they wish to order! You can take a pick from our headless shrimps, dig into savory crawfish, or bite into our crunchy and meaty snow crab-legs; if your palate yearns for something more grandiose then do not forget the juicy lobster tails and king crab legs!

iii. Fried delicacies

If you are in search of a delicious, light and quick snack, then our fried menu will serve you the best! Take a pick from our shrimp basket, which comes with eight pieces of delicious shrimp to sate your appetite; or, the tilapia basket if you are yearning for some smoked, Cajun fish delicacy; and, who can forget our fried oyster basket? Remember, they come in limited portions, and no one can stop at having just one.

iv. Seafood combos

Customers, who love to personalize their own dining experience, are most welcomed to do so with our seafood combos. Customers can pick any two of our seafood menu- which comprises of clams, mussels, crawfish, crab legs, and shrimp; and make their combo platter with sides of corn and potato.

If you live in Cypress, and reading this already gave you a roaring appetite, then look up our address and come down to King Crawfish, one of the best Cajun seafood restaurants in Cypress. We look forward to serving you.