5 Dishes for the Health-Conscious Gastronomes in Cypress, Texas
Vietnamese Dish

Are you looking for a multi-cuisine dining place to for a family dine-out? Are you searching for Vietnamese restaurant near me on your phone before that romantic date night? Then you are most welcome to our humble noodle house. King Crawfish and Noodle House is an establishment dedicated to serving quality Asian and Cajun cuisine to the good people of Cypress, Texas.

We are responsible for serving premium-grade Chinese, Cajun and Vietnamese dishes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Are you apprehensive about the implications of consuming rich and spicy food? Do not worry; if you are planning to eat something healthy, our menu has got it covered. Here are five dishes that we urge our health-conscious guests to try at our restaurant:

i. Steamed, mixed veggies

We have three different variants for the steamed mixed veggies dish. For the vegans and vegetarians among our guests, we recommend the plain steamed mixed vegetables. For the meat-eaters we put forth the mixed veggies with chicken; and finally, for those looking to try something exotic we recommend the shrimp infused steamed mixed vegetables.

ii. Eggplant with tomato sauce

Another delight for our vegan and vegetarian patrons, the eggplant with tomato sauce can surprise even the most avid meat-eaters among our customers, as well! Customers can expect cubed eggplant bits seasoned with exotic spices and herbs.

The tomato sauce adds further flavor to the dish. So, if you are in the mood for something exquisite but healthy, then order the eggplant with tomato sauce; you will not go wrong with it!

iii. General Taos Tofu

It is true that tofu is considered to be a vegans meat! But, General Taos tofu is a dish that neither vegans nor non-vegetarians should ignore. This Chinese special comprises of a whole lot of tofu flavored with wine or sherry as per availability and is cooked with vegetable stock, broccoli, pepper and other assorted vegetables. You are guaranteed to order it every time you visit King Crawfish and Noodle House.

iv. Sauteed Chinese greens

The self-explanatory name leaves little to be explained about this popular dish. Sauteed Chinese greens are a savory dish that can be had either with or without a spicy hot flavor. As far as the vegetables are concerned you can expect a whole lot of snow peas, bok choy, gai-lan (Chinese broccoli) and even some yu choy. If you are in the mood for some exotic greens, then this is the dish to order.

v. Steamed Chinese Broccoli

The steamed Chinese broccoli is another self-explanatory dish that boasts of hoisin sauce, soy sauce and corn starch for a thick, green composition. The broccoli is cooked in sesame oil till it is tender. It lends a chewy, lush texture to the broccoli that melts in your mouth and sensitizes your taste buds!

So, if you are looking for healthy places to eat in Texas, then look no further. King Crawfish and Noodle House is here to serve.